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    Published at September 12, 2016 - News, Scientific activity

    discoveries_in_lithuaniaThe book’s editorial team decided to assemble a survey of the achievements of Lithuanian archaeology during the last century. This survey was to be prepared by specialists in the separate periods and to be based on the investigations of several of the most significant objects that characterise the region or period under discussion. Each specialist was allowed to examine their topic in their own way and so the articles differ somewhat. Nevertheless, as a whole, they present a fairly comprehensive image of Lithuanian archaeology, from the traces of the first people to walk the land to the archaeological heritage of 19th–20th-century events, which are already purely historical. The result is this distinctive, profusely illustrated, English volume on Lithuanian archaeology.

    The book’s content was determined by both the authors and its limited nature. As a consequence, it was necessary to forgo some of the referencesand to keep the data about the included investigations to a minimum. Those interested in more information can find it through the listed references and the internet.

    For this book seeing the light of day, we are grateful not only to the authors of the articles and the translator but also to a whole host of other unnamed individuals, scientific institutions, and museums who helped to obtain illustrations and information or simply contributed in one way or another to the creation of this book.


    Authors: prof. dr. Gintautas Zabiela, Zenonas Baubonis, Eglė Marcinkevičiūtė

    Press “BALTOprint”. 2016

    Price 25 Eur